Lynda is caught red-handed and Julia has romantic fantasies.

Radio Times: Lynda digs for the truth.

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  • Tom’s night out has repercussions; he overslept, so Tony has to do the deliveries and the vegetable boxes. The young entrepreneur’s proud father assures Lynda that Tom’s evening was spent developing business contacts.
  • Julia’s wedding plans enter the realms of fantasy when she contemplates substituting gondolas for the floating bandstand. Having ruled out Venice, Madeira and Malta as too common for the honeymoon, the happy couple decide on Hollywood instead. Lewis will be able to photograph Julia amongst the stars.
  • Joe’s monitoring of the web-cam seems to have paid off. He tells Lynda he’s seen Derek Fletcher burying Peggy’s missing cat in the back garden. There’s nothing for it – Lynda will have to go and exhume Ben.
  • Julia continues to see herself as the arbiter of good taste. Lewis is moving some of his antiques in to Lower Loxley, and Julia seizes the opportunity to get rid of one of her late husband’s pieces, which she thinks is ghastly – but possibly Lizzie would like it.
  • Lynda begins digging in the Fletchers’ garden, monitored by Joe on his mobile – when Derek is seen returning. But it’s not Derek, it’s a bemused Tony. When Lynda tries to explain, he tells her that Ben has come back and is tucking into tinned salmon at home. The ‘body’ was sand wrapped in hessian, used to provide drainage for the Fletchers’ new rockery. And then the real Derek Fletcher returns home.

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