Lilian looks forward to spending money, and Tom looks forward to another date.

Radio Times: Tom plays away from home.

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  • Jack’s blood tests have proved negative, and his appointment at the Memory Clinic has come through. Lilian calls to tell them that James is coming to stay, having broken up with his girlfriend. Lilian sees it as an excuse for endless shopping.
  • There’s still no sign of Peggy’s missing cat, and she’s very concerned about it. Jack tries to console her, but without success.
  • A nervous Tom is waiting for Tamsin to arrive. He’s not helped by meeting Oliver in the bar, and tells some unconvincing lies about having mistaken the venue in an effort to avoid being seen with another woman.
  • Tom’s date with Tamsin goes even better than he hoped. They get on well, and she is obviously interested in him. After a visit to a club, she asks him to ring her again, and they kiss. Tom’s walking on air.

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