Bruno moves on.

Radio Times: Oliver faces the prospect of failure.

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  • Eddie and Ed laugh at Joe’s attempt to make a toy for the baby. It’s supposed to be a teddy bear, but it doesn’t look much like one. Joe’s not to be put off, though; he’ll finish it while he watches the webcam.
  • Ed uses the awful teddy as an excuse to visit Emma. He’s feeling a bit sore; Eddie had a go at him for not having a proper job. After all, even Jazzer has a job nowadays. But there is light on the horizon; Bruno is leaving today.
  • Caroline and Oliver have mixed feelings as Bruno departs. Bridget tells them they’ve done a really good job, and she’s keen for them to have another foster child. Oliver wants a breather; he and Caroline are going to Italy to celebrate Caroline’s birthday. They are speechless when Bruno presents them with a bottle of ‘champagne’ and a bottle of perfume, both fakes from the market.

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