Will doesn’t like Emma’s choice of names and Ruth doesn’t like Pip’s new friendship.

Radio Times: Will pays tribute to an old friend.

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  • Emma’s in romantic mode when it comes to thinking about names for the baby. She wants something woodsy if it’s a girl – maybe Fern or Willow. Will’s not so sure, but he does like the idea of George if it’s a boy.
  • At Brookfield, Ruth’s opinion of Izzy and her influence on Pip grows ever stronger when Izzy is cheeky to Tony, commenting on his hair and glasses. Even worse, Pip finds it all very funny. When Pip says she wants to go to Izzy’s after school one night, Ruth gives her a flat refusal.
  • Peggy’s cat, Ben, has gone missing, and Tony goes out to look for it, without success.
  • In the throes of a major adolescent strop, Pip helps her mother collect eggs. She wants to know why she can’t go to Izzy’s; she used to go to friends’ houses when she was at the primary school. Yes, says Ruth, but that was different. We knew the parents then, but we don’t know Izzy’s mum, and you’re not going.

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