Caroline surveys the damage. Ruth takes a dislike to Izzy and Bruno gets some good news.

Radio Times: Bruno gets an unexpected call.

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  • The truth about Bruno’s party is revealed in the cold light of day – red wine on the sofa and a Stilton covered in fag ends in the drawer. Caroline is very upset, but Oliver makes light of it.
  • Ruth’s pleased that the milk yield figures are up, but isn’t pleased that Izzy is at Brookfield again. When Izzy is rude to David and then colours Pip’s hair blue, Ruth says she wishes Pip had never made friends with her. David tells her she’s a snob. When he takes Izzy home, he comments that the hallway of Izzy’s flat is better decorated than Brookfield – and has Ruth ever thought that Pip might be a good influence on Izzy, rather than Izzy being a bad one on her?
  • Oliver gets a call from Social Services to say that Bruno’s mother is back in Borchester, and wants Bruno to come home. Caroline’s first reaction is relief. When Bruno hears the news, he’s delighted. Oliver’s pleased, too; now they can celebrate Caroline’s birthday properly.
  • Still furious with Tom for hanging up on her, Kirsty tracks him down, expecting an apology. Instead she gets a tirade; Tom thinks she should apologise for her behaviour in going out with Sam; she’s spending more time with him than with Tom. A speechless Kirsty tells him she’s fed up with being pushed around; Tom needs to grow up.

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