Kirsty has a night out with Sam. Oliver and Caroline have a night in with Bruno’s friends.

Radio Times: Oliver plays the party pooper.

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  • Not for the first time, Tom stands Kirsty up, this time in favour of a meeting with a pallet wrap supplier. When Sam tells her he’s off to the DIY shop to get some materials for CD storage, she suggests that they go to the Felpersham warehouse used by Jennifer to furnish Casa Nueva. She’ll be Sam’s personal shopper.
  • At Grange Farm, Bruno’s party gets under way. Oliver is made to feel his age when he sees what Alice and Amy are (or are not) wearing, and when Oliver ventures downstairs, he’s appalled to find a food fight going on in the kitchen. Bruno is ordered to clean up.
  • Sam and Kirsty stop at for a drink after their shopping spree, and Tom rings Kirsty. She tells him she’s in a wine bar with Sam, and he rings off. Far from being upset, Kirsty’s furious.
  • The final straw for Oliver comes when he discovers that Bruno and friends have let off fireworks near the young stock, and let the bullocks out. Fortunately Ed appears to round them up, and Oliver orders the guests out.
  • Caroline is ever more apprehensive about what’s going on downstairs, especially when she hears that Alice has been sent home much the worse for wear, but Oliver won’t let her go down to see for herself. He gathers his bin liners and sets about restoring order.

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