Jack sees the doctor. Emma has twinges. Kenton takes the blame.

Radio Times: Kathy takes a big step forward.

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  • Jack and Peggy see the doctor. Physically Jack’s in good shape, but there are definite problems with his short-term memory, and Jack is referred to a memory clinic. He’s very upset, but Peggy tells him that she’ll look after him; it’s one of the reasons she married him.
  • Remembering Emma’s cravings for starchy food, Ed calls at Casa Nueva with a bulk order. He and Emma enjoy a laugh and a big meal together, but after Ed’s gone home, Emma has to ring Will; she’s got pains and she’s scared. Will wants her to go to hospital, but Emma refuses; it’s not the baby, it’s indigestion.
  • Full of guilt and remorse, Kenton calls on Kathy. If he hadn’t gone off so selfishly, the rape would never have happened. It’s all his fault. Kathy tries to say it was Owen’s fault, but breaks down and cries. Kenton holds her tight.

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