Bruno tries Oliver’s patience and Emma keeps a secret from Will.

Radio Times: Emma gets some help around the house.

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  • It’s the day of the Point-to-Point, and Bruno is finding it all very boring. His behaviour tries Oliver’s patience, but he still defends Bruno when Ed has another verbal go at him, and tells Ed that Bruno didn’t even get a birthday card from his family.
  • Emma’s finding the Point-to-Point a bit much in her pregnant state, and she tells Will she’s going home. What she doesn’t tell him is that she’s asked Ed to come and keep her company.
  • Bruno cheers up when he gets a call on his mobile from his mum. She’s calling from a phone box in Blackpool, and tells him that she’s dumped her boy-friend. But he still wants to go back to Grange Farm to sort out the music for his party instead of watching Oliver’s horse in the Point-to-Point.
  • Ed helps Emma fix up a musical mobile for the baby, then goes home. When Will gets back, Kirsty is there, on her way to the Bull, and Emma makes out that it was Kirsty who fixed the mobile.

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