Peggy realises that Jack is ill. Kathy realises she’d like to be closer to Kenton. Kirsty realises that she needs to make Tom jealous.

Radio Times: Peggy is forced to face the truth.

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  • Peggy entertains Pat, Tony and Tom to lunch. Jack’s growing dementia becomes increasingly obvious when he is aggressive towards Peggy over a photograph of Captain, and confuses Tom with Tom Forrest. Tony decides to tackle his mother about it.
  • Kirsty is nearing the end of her shift at the Bull, and when Tom calls in; she suggests going back to Bridge Farm for a few hours on their own. Tom says he has to work; it’s the only time the phone isn’t ringing. When he suggests she might like to sit in the office and watch, Kirsty knows it’s time to take some decisive action. She agrees to a drink later, and invites Sam along too.
  • Kathy tells Pat what happened between her and Kenton after their day out. She’s sure that she’s scared him off by telling him about the rape. Pat tries to reassure her, saying he needs time to come to terms with it all, but Kathy thinks it’s all over between them, just when she could handle some reassurance from Kenton.
  • Tony tackles Peggy about Jack’s problems, and to his surprise, she tells him that she has already decided to make an appointment with the doctor. She’ll phone tomorrow, but she will tell Jack why she is doing it.

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