Ruth disapproves of a new friendship, and Kenton tries to rekindle an old one.

Radio Times: Ruth finds Pip’s new friend “egg-cruciating”.

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  • The Brookfield contingent have a great day out at the Lower Loxley Eggstravaganza, and dreadful puns are the order of the day. Ruth displays an uncharacteristic snobbery over Pip’s new friend Izzy; she is critical of her Meadow Rise background, her clothes and her earrings. David and Heather think she’s fine.
  • True to his word, Kenton looks after Jamie at the Fun day. Lizzie is very fraught, not least because Nigel’s Easter Bunny outfit is scaring the children. When Kenton discovers Lizzie taking a break while Kathy works flat out on the catering, he has some very unbrotherly comments to make.
  • Izzy’s white track suit doesn’t fare too well, and Ruth has to send her home in some of Pip’s clothes, while she tries to wash Izzy’s. Pip says she’s had a lovely day, but when David says Izzy is coming over again on Friday, Ruth is not pleased.
  • Kathy and Kenton relax after a meal cooked and washed up by the reformed Kenton. But when Kenton tries to snuggle up to Kathy on the sofa, she becomes hysterical. Eventually she manages to tell him about Owen, and he’s appalled. Kathy tells him how good Sid has been over it all, which Kenton seems to find hard to accept. He makes his excuses and leaves. He has a lot to take in.

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