Kenton gets through a whole evening with Kathy and does not put a foot wrong.

Radio Times: Lilian becomes one of the boys (again!?).

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  • This is getting to be something of a habit: Ed has called on Emma again. They agree that Oliver and Caroline are deluding themselves if they think they will have Bruno’s party under control. They talk of Ed’s single status, Emma’s baby, Joe’s leg – and they both enjoy the visit. They will maybe see each other later in The Bull.
  • At Brookfield, Heather has encountered the vicar on his motorbike – with Helen on the back. She has also met Mabel. She too thinks that Oliver and Caroline don’t have the faintest idea what they are in for with Bruno’s party. She persuades David and Ruth to go out this evening while she babysits.
  • Ruth is hovering because Pip is on the phone to Izzy. It’s all settled: Izzy will come to the Extravaganza at Lower Loxley. They will need to pick her up – from Meadow Rise.
  • Kenton is bang on time for his dinner date and takes care to tell Kathy how lovely she looks. He has selected a tapas bar which Kathy finds very agreeable. He offers to look after Jamie at the Extravaganza partly because he likes spending time with Jamie and partly because it gives him an excuse to act like a kid himself. She will be tired, so perhaps he could cook supper afterwards. He really is trying.
  • In the Bull, Ruth joins Emma for a chat and warns that she might not want to come out once she has the baby. On the contrary, Emma is keen to get back to work; she is already bored at home. Ruth is lucky to work at home but Emma is not so sure.
  • Kathy has had a lovely evening. Kenton is conscious that she has to work tomorrow, so he declines the invitation to coffee. Goodnight, see you on Sunday. Wow, he really is trying.

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