Peggy still refuses to see Jack’s deterioration and Kathy accepts Kenton’s invitation.

Radio Times: Kenton makes progress.

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  • Lilian has sought refuge in a visit to The Lodge; at home Matt is worrying about maintenance payments and needs to chill out. Nothing has changed: Jack is still forgetting things and struggling to find the words for common items, Peggy is still in denial that there is a serious problem.
  • Kenton is doing his level best not to push things with Kathy. He offers to help with looking after Jamie over the holiday and, learning that Kathy will be alone tomorrow evening, invites her out for dinner. She will get back to him.
  • David is running the risk of being accused of taking refuge from his visiting mother-in-law; Eddie’s cider club has tempted him away again. A loud bang on the door gives Eddie a fright but it is only Lilian – she has come to join. Eddie needs only a little persuasion to take her money – a special rate for ladies!
  • Jack has found the thing with photos in it and wants to put a wedding day photo on display – on the thing over the fireplace; he is happy to use the frame that currently holds Captain’s photo. That day was one of the best days of his life; what would he do without Peggy.
  • As the cider flows and Lilian gets bawdier, David makes his excuses. Kenton, fearing he has blown it with Kathy, is there for the duration. He is delighted to receive a call from her: if his invitation to dinner is still open, Kathy would love to come.

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