Adam finds out he hasn’t made the mistakes Debbie claimed. Eddie is determined to enter the Town Crier competition with Lilian’s help.

Radio Times: Eddie takes on a new challenge.

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  • Eddie and Lilian are still feeling the pressure from the no booze although Eddie is sneaking a few more in than her. Eddie is having second thoughts about the Town Crier competition but Lilian thinks it would be great PR for his businesses. He has no idea what to say but Lilian says she’ll help – and tap Jennifer for information
  • Adam is relieved to find out that he hadn’t mis sown the field – simply made a mistake on the computer. But Brian didn’t apologise just said he wasn’t making hasty decisions. So if Debbie can play dirty, Adam can at least do some digging to find out more about these contractors.
  • Bert has decided to have a go for the Town Crier competition but he has no idea what to say so he too turns to Jennifer for inspiration. He thinks he might do it in verse, but Jennifer isn’t so sure! She does wonder if it’s because Bert isn’t happy with retirement, but he thinks it’s fine if you both have your own interests. Of course…. Brian doesn’t have many of those. Jennifer certainly doesn’t want him taking up some of his old interests again!
  • Adam is surprised to see Eddie in the Bull – surely it’s too much temptation but Eddie says he’s doing it to prove something to Clarrie. Lilian has something to prove to Matt as well but it is the support of friends like Eddie that matters!

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