Lower Loxley is missing two volunteer guides. Phil and Jill are confident in the future of Brookfield.

Radio Times: David harks back to the past.

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  • Ruth and David are out to survey their hedges until Jill and Phil turn up with homemade biscuits to talk about childcare so Phil goes off with David instead and he enjoys a long walk down memory lane, seeing that David is putting back the hedges and the Herefords that Phil had got rid of. They end up toasting the new hedges and the future of Brookfield in tea and biscuits.
  • Ruth and Jill arrange who is having the children over Easter and although Jill doesn’t want to be tied down everyday, she will be flexible. She is so pleased to see Ruth is looking better. Ruth agrees, both she and David are happier.
  • The Lower Loxley shop is nearly finished at last. Kathy is determined to see it open on Monday. But Elizabeth is more worried about the loss of two volunteer guides. Maybe the Echo will run a feature on their need for new guides.

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