Oliver’s cheese might have a future. Eddie now has to declaim for the Town Crier contest in Italian…. on Sunday morning….

Radio Times: Tom and Brenda pay the price of excess.

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  • Tom and Brenda are rather hung over after their house warming party. But Brenda is determined to get on with her university work, even if Tom isn’t feeling up to spreadsheets.
  • It’s cheese tasting day at Bridge Farm for Oliver’s cheese. The hard cheeses turn out to be rather disgusting but there might be some promise in the semi hard ones. Helen will try a bigger batch but it will be a month before they can taste it.
  • Clarrie isn’t convinced that Eddie’s trips to the cider shed are all that innocent. Lynda saw him their twice yesterday… Eddie is deeply hurt at the accusation.
  • Eddie spends another dry evening at the Bull – just to show Clarrie how easy he’s finding it. Then he opens a letter Clarrie has brought with her to the Bull encouraging Town Crier entrants to declaim in a foreign language…. Apparently there will be a mystery judge on Sunday morning to judge the foreign contributions. Well, Eddie will give it a go!

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