Adam has a moment of triumph.

Radio Times: Adam has a moment of triumph.

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  • At the Home Farm management meeting, Brian is giving Debbie a rough ride: although she is very busy with lots of jobs, and has lost Jeff to do Bridge Farm deliveries, cottage decorating etc, Brian has spotted the two jobs she has not got around to. Adam on the other hand scores several brownie points with his plan to get a supermarket interested in the strawberries – something for Brian to think about.
  • Ruth expected to find Peggy in Ambridge Organics but Kirsty has sent her out on a mission that should take most of the morning. They discuss Lynda’s determination not to cast Joe as Scrooge in the play and their amazement that she has hood-winked Alistair into playing Bob by telling him it is a “small part”.
  • Adam felt that Brian was a bit hard on Debbie, so offers to help out; he can postpone working on the last polytunnel. Debbie is very grateful.
  • At Jaxx, Kirsty is of the opinion that she is earning her manager’s pay; Emma is expecting extra too while Kenton is away but, Jack’s attention span being what it is, maybe she should ask again. For Emma everything is great – with the baby and with Will – and they will move into the cottage this weekend.
  • Ian is pleased with his new sous-chef and hopes he can persuade her to stay. Anyway a night off this week is on the cards – tomorrow at The Bull. He is intrigued about Adam and Debbie uniting in the face of a common “enemy”. Oh, there’s something else he needs to tell Adam … Too late, he’s gone, no matter.

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