Surprise, surprise! Kenton is bringing Meriel from New Zealand.

Radio Times: Kenton drops a bombshell.

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  • Visiting Lower Loxley, Lilian quickly makes the shy Owen retire to his kitchen. Kathy thinks he needs bringing out of himself.
  • Ian must wait for his rendezvous with Adam this evening; he phones to say that he will not be there till after eight because, at the end of his course, his fellow students are going out for a drink. Also he’s in trouble with Debbie: he had done what he had promised and left a message with Andy but he didn’t pass it on – happy families!
  • Lynda is making Jamie wait to find out if he has a part but, when pressed, she confides to Kathy that he has only a very small part. This would present child-minder problems for Kathy, so she must reconsider her own part. Reluctantly, Lynda agrees to boost Jamie’s part; Kathy also puts in a good word for Joe.
  • Adam was expecting a quiet drink with Ian but there’s Owen and Lilian in on the act too, with an occasional interruption from Lynda. Adam stands firm in the face of pressure to be in the play but Lilian looks to be heading for a part.
  • It’s almost bedtime for Kathy when Kenton rings. All is well but he has had a change of plan and will be back on Monday – with Meriel. It will be a chance for her to get to know the family, and Kathy too.

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