Kirsty solves her staffing problem and Peggy moves on to help at Jaxx.

Radio Times: Will and Emma look to the future.

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  • Before she goes to the shop, Kirsty must see Tony. While she waits, Pat fills her in on the latest about Helen. Kirsty reveals that she wants to see Tony about an agency shop assistant. Ah! Tony hasn’t actually contacted the agency; with Peggy installed he thought the urgency had gone. Kirsty has a house-mate who is between jobs and would be great.
  • Peggy has called in to see that all is well at Jaxx. Emma raises the subject of extra pay and Peggy promises to ensure that Jack deals with it today. She also tells Emma about Kenton’s changed plans and that he will be working part-time for a while. This is too much for an Emma already stressed about moving house. Peggy volunteers to help out in the café this afternoon – if Kirsty can spare her!!
  • Kathy confides to Pat that she thinks Kenton is mad bringing Meriel away when she is already upset. It seems that she will stay at Glebe Cottage. She too asks about Helen. She is making progress, so they say, but a home visit is a long way off.
  • Kirsty has bought flowers as a thank you to Peggy – and when she is gone Kirsty feels a whole lot better already. Tom has found out more about the Sausage Trail: different sausages served at several venues, with a map showing where they all are; those who take part vote for the best sausages. Tom hopes that Jaxx and Ambridge Organics will serve his spicy and plain sausages. Right now Kirsty will agree to anything.
  • Emma need not have worried. William has got the new cottage ready with a bit of help from Jennifer. Emma loves it. She has been to the midwife today and all is well – she can even have the odd drink, so break out the champagne. William is on a high anyway without champagne; he couldn’t be happier.

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