Adam gets his way

Radio Times: Emma feels the need to impress.

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  • Emma catches Betty and Phoebe giving the new hens a bath in readiness for the show. Emma’s dreading having to go to lunch with the Aldridges, and is worried about coping at Jaxx in Kenton’s absence. Betty suggests asking Susan to help out, once she’s back from her smart hotel break.
  • Adam has had some success with a strawberry wholesaler, though he’s had to make some rash promises. Brian is impressed, and gives the scheme his blessing, much to Debbie’s annoyance.
  • Lunch at the Aldridges proves something of an ordeal for Emma, who hasn’t the courage to ask for a drink she likes, until Will rescues her, and then manages to spill it over the newspapers. But she saves the day by coming up with the answer to Brian’s crossword clue, and he’s very impressed.
  • Adam tackles Debbie, and asks her just what’s wrong. Is it the mix-up over the spraying, or is it the fact that Brian is supporting his plans for the strawberries? Debbie denies that anything is wrong. Through clenched teeth she offers lukewarm congratulations. Adam thinks it might be nice if they could be on the same side for once.

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