Kenton plans for the future

Radio Times: Kenton brings a new face to Ambridge.

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  • A postcard from Ed, telling his parents that he’s off travelling with his new friends and finding life in Hungary very much to his taste, cheers Clarrie up. She’s even happier when Pat asks her if she could do some extra hours in the dairy, to make a batch of Borsetshire Blue in readiness for Helen’s weekend visit.
  • Worried by Ruth’s persistent cough, David makes her go to the doctor. Despite her protests, he makes her go to bed – he can manage the farm and the children for a few days.
  • Joe is busy learning his lines for the part of Scrooge, though Lynda is still determined not to cast him. Joe says he’ll put on his own production if Lynda doesn’t want him.
  • Kathy is surprised by a jet-lagged Kenton, with Meriel in tow. She wasn’t expecting him until much later. Although she’s delighted to see Kenton again, she’s less delighted with his latest idea; that he and Meriel should move in with Kathy and Jamie. Kathy puts up all the arguments, but Kenton brushes them aside. They will be like one happy family, he says.

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