Adam has labour troubles. Lilian has a party to organise.

Radio Times: Lilian is in the party mood.

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  • A radiant Caroline calls in at Grey Gables to see what’s been going on in her absence. Roy and Ian between them have everything under control. Roy has noticed that Lynda is unusually keen to do extra shifts and hasn’t confirmed her holiday leave yet. They know it’s because Robert is still out of work.
  • Jennifer in full tennis kit has had a successful day selling strawberries on the market, and returns home to find Adam worried because his best strawberry picker has to return to the Ukraine, and he hasn’t managed to contact Radio Borsetshire about the magimaze opening.
  • Lilian and Matt have moved to the Dower House, and intend to let Nightingale Farm. Lilian invites Jennifer and family to the housewarming, adding that it would be best to hold it while Caroline’s old carpets are still down.
  • Having heard from Roy that Ian had booked, and then cancelled, staff accommodation, Caroline gently asks him if everything is all right. Ian tells her that he and Adam were so busy they hadn’t been communicating properly, but things are much better now.
  • Lilian calls at the Bull to order drinks for her party, and to book Fallon as barmaid for the evening. She invites Roy and Hayley, but pointedly fails to ask Sid and Jolene. Fallon is popular in other areas, too. Roy tells Sid that her presence at a few cricket matches might just persuade Kevin the bowler to join Ambridge next season. Sid isn’t sure about using his step-daughter as a honey-trap!
  • Ian calls at the strawberry field to suggest a walk and a drink, but Adam’s too busy. Jennifer intervenes, and tells Adam to go straight home, where he’s got a loving partner waiting. That’s all that matters, she says.

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