Ian makes a stand.

Radio Times: Ian lays down the law.

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  • Phoebe’s birthday party goes well, despite Phoebe being aware how much she misses Betty. Hayley is concerned that Mike is developing too close a relationship with his granddaughter, and when she and Roy do eventually find a place of their own, Mike will find it very hard. Jennifer offers reassurance.
  • The honeymooners enjoy their visit to the Perth Game Fair, and indulge in some affectionate mutual teasing.
  • For once, Ambridge win a cricket match, and Roy thinks this might be a lever to persuade Kevin the bowler to defect to the Ambridge team.
  • The only people from Ambridge not to be enjoying the day are Adam and Ian. Adam returns home to find Ian packing; he’ll go and stay at Grey Gables since Adam won’t even discuss Madds’ idea of Ian fathering her child. Adam manages to dissuade Ian, they agree not to act hastily, and it all ends up with a romantic embrace.

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