Ian tells Adam he’d rather have a baby and move to London than stay in Ambridge.

Radio Times: Ian faces an ultimatum.

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  • Everything is on track for the Royal. Brenda is now staying at home for Phoebe’s party and setting off at the crack of dawn the next day.
  • Clarrie tells Mike that the morning milking really is too much for Joe so Mike agrees to do an extra morning. They need Oliver to be back soon. Susan is very impressed that Christopher cadged an invitation. Clarrie is less pleased that Emma is not being blamed. In the meantime, Mike is happy to accept a cup of tea. Clarrie and Mike are both best not having too much time on their hands. It’s difficult when no one is around. Mike knows he must let the kids go, when they want to, but it is still tough.
  • Ian finds Adam still rather unwilling to talk. They try to talk it through. Adam tries to point out that Ian will be two hours away from being a Dad. And what happens when Madds finds a new relationship. Ian doesn’t believe that he has any choice. He would be prepared to go to London to be with his child and if Adam is left behind so be it…

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