After some initial hiccoughs, Caroline and Oliver are married.

Radio Times: Oliver’s secret shame is revealed.

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  • Caroline is still very nervous but Shula tries to calm her down. It doesn’t help, she’s panicking about her blue handkerchief. But Carly texts to say she’s on her way – and then turns up with Christopher too.
  • Oliver and Brian are nursing hangovers – Matt convinced them to drink rather too much. Shula and Brian have pre-match conversations, Brian can’t understand why Caroline is nervous – they make a perfect match. But Caroline seems to find it all too funny during the vows when she finds out Oliver’s middle name is Peregrine. Eventually they get through the ceremony.
  • Caroline admits to Oliver that she was nervous. But she couldn’t be happier. Carly and Christopher produce a handmade horseshoe which thrills them both. Brian’s speech was funny and not too personal. Caroline seemed quite relieved when it was over. At least Lynda got a piece of wedding cake.
  • Caroline admits her nerves are down to the problems with Robin and Guy. But now they have everything they all need.

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