Oliver is worried Caroline is getting cold feet.

Radio Times: Oliver has a last night of freedom.

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  • Oliver is pleased that the hygienist has passed the dairy, subject to a few minor niggles. Mike is more interested in seeing a stoat dance. Caroline is still showing a lot of nerves, which Oliver is minded to interpret as cold feet.
  • Matt is trying to get Will to improve some of the drives. But Will is unconvinced. They can’t do that without losing some of the best roosting trees. Clarrie helps out with some lunch – some that Eddie didn’t want. And while she’s pleased that Emma and Will are getting on better, he shouldn’t get more involved than that. Emma is nothing but trouble.
  • Brian and David have arranged a stag night for Oliver at the Agriculturalists. Matt joins them after the meal. He thinks a more exciting evening in prospect but a couple of brandies will do it for Oliver. Matt thinks it makes Brian pretty dull – he even turned down a cracking gag for his wedding speech.

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