Brenda is worrying about missing Phoebe’s birthday. Things are no better between Adam and Ian.

Radio Times: Brenda puts business before pleasure.

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  • Plans are going ahead for the Royal. Tom seems to have everything in hand. Brenda is trying to convince him to give some veg for the Veg Olympics at the fete. Some of them would make perfect skittles. Tom is also surprised to hear that Brenda is prepared to miss Phoebe’s birthday to help out at the Royal. She is a bit worried because it’s the first birthday since Betty died – but Phoebe probably won’t even notice.
  • Adam is still upset about Madds and is worrying that something is going on that he doesn’t know about – even though Ian tries to reassure him. Ian is curious about Caroline – she’s even talking to magpies to ward off bad luck! Then Adam starts complaining about how much time Ian is spending watching the World Cup. They try to talk but it doesn’t work. Ian thinks Adam feels threatened but Adam says he’s more worried about how mixed up the baby would be. He’s been through it. Then Madds rings again and Adam gives up.

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