Robert still can’t find a job. Emma and William take George for a picnic and get on well.

Radio Times: Caroline gets cold feet.

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  • Linda is being very precise over the arrangements. Obviously trying to lay on the guilt for not getting an invitation. Caroline is more worried that Ian doesn’t seem himself – she hopes he isn’t getting ill. Roy assures her there is nothing wrong with him so she can relax. She says she is but she’s not being very convincing!!
  • Robert has had no luck on the job front yet. People are still suggesting to him that he should retire but he can’t afford to. He can’t see how he’s ever going to get another job. Roy isn’t doing much better in persuading Kev from Darrington to join Ambridge but he’s still hopeful.
  • Emma is still upset and it’s obviously unsettling George. Even William is worried about her. Emma even ends up going on a picnic with them both. They actually get on very well.

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