Oliver asks Brian to make the speech at his wedding. Adam is still not interested in being a parent.

Radio Times: Brian steps into the breach.

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  • Adam is doing his usual houseproud bit complaining that Ian has crumpled his cricket whites. He’s also fed up that Ian doesn’t seem to be listening. But it’s really all because Adam doesn’t want to talk until Ian changes his mind about the baby.
  • Caroline has run out of things to do for her wedding – especially now Lynda has taken over. Oliver is more concerned about the dairy! Then Oliver remembers he’s forgotten to ask Brian to make a speech at the reception. Someone’s got to do it! With Adam putting on the pressure Brian agrees. And Oliver is sure Caroline will be pleased too!
  • Caroline is thrilled with the cake Ian has made. Everything seems to be sorted. A pity Carly hasn’t replied to the invitation. That gives Ian a chance to talk about fostering. Ian tries to take from it that if only people were more open minded more would make good parents. But when he tries to talk to Adam, Adam isn’t budging.

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