Adam pieces together the bits of his life. Usha’s life is in bits.

Radio Times: Brian looks to the future and Usha tries to make amends.

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  • Brian is busy organising sheep and finding it difficult to keep up with the shearers. It’s such a nice day, he suggests to Jennifer that they take a walk later over to Valley Farm; wouldn’t that be nice?
  • At the vicarage, Usha is still out in the cold; she has bought some food for supper only to be told that Alan is going to cook a lasagne – comfort food for Amy. Alan vents his fury about Carl on Usha; he wants to thump the man but he is a man of God and shouldn’t be thinking this way. Usha made a mistake, she has apologised, now he needs to forgive her – and he knows it, but he goes for a walk.
  • Jennifer has made an extra game pie and brought it for Adam – rather a case of coals to Newcastle. She reports Rhys’s selection to the Ambridge cricket team. Adam is suffering a recurrence of his headache and he is frustrated that Ian will not talk about the attack. He still cannot remember things, in particular the BL dairy: he couldn’t remember whether planning permission had been granted.
  • Amy awakes; she had worked a long shift and has had a long sleep. Usha’s kindly gestures are rudely rebuffed; it was her father she was looking for.
  • True to form, Brian’s walk in the sunshine has an ulterior motive: a little bird has told him that Valley Farm is coming up for sale and he reckons that the barn could be converted into houses for the dairy workers.
  • Alan and Amy are working together on the lasagne; Alan is glad to have her back and Amy is glad to be back in her own bed. Is there anything Usha can do? No! Which way is Coventry?

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