The Ambridge cricket gets some new members: Jamie and Rhys.

Radio Times: Ifty goes talent-spotting, prompting Will to get jealous.

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  • As she heads for a spell of bar-maid duty at The Bull, in a top that her husband thinks is very sexy, Nic leaves strict instructions for Will to get the kids to bed before his mum comes to babysit.
  • Chris and Alice are enjoying an evening on their own, i.e. without Amy; though whether Amy will really go back to the vicarage tonight is questionable: she is so down on Usha. Nevertheless they are not spending the evening alone but at The Bull, where Rhys reports his first foray into village cricket.
  • Meanwhile at the nets, Ifty is doing his coaching session with the youngsters. Daniel has been persuaded to turn up and Alistair explains that he is his stepson. Will Grundy drops by to see what is going on; it’s more impressive than the nets session with the Ambridge team last night after their thumping defeat at the hands of Netherbourne at the weekend.
  • Will then repairs to the pub where it is clear that both Alice and Nic think Ifty is quite dishy. They lose no time in introducing themselves to him when Alistair brings him in for a drink, indeed they try to recruit him for the Ambridge team but to no avail – he plays for another team. Nevertheless Alistair suggests that he does a bit of coaching for the team; he is already helping Alistair pick the team for next weekend, including Jamie and – to his great surprise – Rhys.

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