Adam states his case and Pat states hers.

Radio Times: Pat and Helen go into battle.

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  • Helen gives Pat a hand in the dairy before they head off to the meeting about the biodigester. Helen fully supports Pat’s stance, and she’s glad of something to take her mind off Greg’s birthday tomorrow. They laugh about the slimming club and about the possibility of Lilian seeking sanctuary with them.
  • Bert’s model wins acclaim from most, and sneers from some. Susan is surprised to learn that Helen is opposed to a family project, and cross to learn that Mike’s all for it.
  • Oliver opens the meeting. David explains the idea of biogas plants, and Adam explains their plans at Home Farm. The meeting is thrown open to the public, and Pat wastes no time in launching into a tirade about proper use of land and the countryside not being the right place for a plant like this. She questions the use of Home Farm acres to produce biofuels instead of cereal crops.
  • In the Bull later, Helen and Pat are surprised when Adam comes over and offers them a drink. He thinks the meeting went well, with most of the village behind them. Pat tells him firmly that she still intends to lodge her objections with the planning department. It’s nothing persona, just a matter of principle.

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