Nic finds a confidante. David is sure of success.

Radio Times: Will uses his connections for Nic.

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  • Phil lends a hand in the lambing shed, as he and David discuss the meeting. Phil admits that he has sympathy with Pat’s point of view, but kept quiet out of family loyalty.
  • Ruth is finding recuperation boring, and longs to do some work about the farm. She’s discovered that Pip and her boyfriend are writing a song for the Young Farmers meeting, but they are going to rehearse at Jonathan’s. Ruth can’t understand why Pip won’t bring him home to meet them.
  • Will meets Helen in the woods, laying flowers at the foot of Greg’s tree. He tells her how much he valued Greg’s friendship, and mentions that Nic is very lonely. Helen agrees to go and see her.
  • Phil enjoys a slice of Heather’s cake. Rations are short at Glebe Cottage because of the slimming club. He tells Ruth he’s bought a telescope on the internet.
  • David, about to invest tens of thousands in a bio-digester, grumbles at the amount Phil has spent on the telescope. He thinks they have a good chance of getting planning permission, however, despite the opposition in the village, and Ruth has made an appointment with a solicitor to make a start on setting up a company to run the scheme.
  • True to her word, Helen goes to see Nic, and is understanding about Nic’s isolation and other problems. Nic admits that she finds George a problem. She’s unsure of her role with him, and he’s playing her up, and making things hard for Jake and Mia. Helen wonders why she hasn’t told Will, but Nic is quick to say that she doesn’t want to worry him; she can cope.

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