Alan’s fed up with his parish. Adam’s fed up with Brian’s attitude. Matt’s fed up with being alone.

Radio Times: Good sense comes too late for Matt.

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  • Alan’s fed up; the vote about removing the pews went against him, and he feels that St. Stephen’s just won’t embrace any kind of change or progress. Rachel tries to console him, and suggest more activities such as concerts and maybe a parish walk followed by tea. That way he’s get to see more of Usha, too.
  • Lilian’s sorry for herself, too, and finds a sympathetic listener in Adam. They decide to have a night out, starting with champagne at the Bull.
  • The atmosphere between Brian and Adam is awful. They have a spat about some spraying that’s been overlooked, and Brian is relieved when Matt rings to suggest a game of golf.
  • Brian’s golf is more than rusty, and he has to endure Matt’s helpful hints. Unable to take any more, he rounds on Matt and asks him what he’s going to do about Lilian. Matt blusters about being the injured party, but in the end agrees to go and talk to Lilian.
  • When Matt arrives at the Bull, with pride duly swallowed, and prepared to back down, he finds her awash with champagne and apparently very happy. Since Lilian is clearly not devastated by their break-up, as Brian suggested, Matt slinks off home alone.

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