Adam tells Alice a few home truths. Amy tells the RAF a few home truths.

Radio Times: Alice takes off in a new direction.

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  • Alice is proving quite domesticated, even helping around the house at the Vicarage. She and Amy go shopping in Felpersham, though Alice is determined not to spend anything, as she’s now self-supporting.
  • Brenda and Hayley are also going to Felpersham, and on the way Hayley tells Brenda her plans for enrolling Mike in dance classes. Both girls are taken aback when they meet the Vicarage pair, and find Alice getting information about joining the RAF as an engineer. Amy makes her views on the armed services and the cause of pacifism very clear.
  • Ian cooks Alice a lovely meal, and she enjoys herself until Adam embarks on some plain speaking. He tells Alice she is destroying her mother. What has happened is not Jennifer’s fault, and while she is justifiably angry with Brian, Alice has no right to take it out on her mother. Alice needs to grow up. Alice is shocked at this, but clearly it has made her think.

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