Will and Nic have a good day out. David and Ruth have a horrible day.

Radio Times: There’s a rude awakening for David and Ruth.

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  • David is woken by a call from Ruth. She’s found four of their dairy cows dead in the field. David calls Alistair, who has to test for Anthrax. Luckily it’s negative, and then David finds the source of the problem; someone has fly-tipped yew clippings, and the cows have been poisoned.
  • Will picks up Nic and her children for their day at the aquarium. They all enjoy it, and the two little boys get on well. Will suggests a day at Lower Loxley next week, and Nic accepts gratefully.
  • Jill is shocked to hear about the cows when she calls at Brookfield to see what holiday ideas Ruth has come up with. She’s delighted with the idea of a stay on the Cook Islands – and even more so with Ruth’s discovery of cheap flights and hotels in Hong Kong. But before they go, Jill wants to hold a big party at Grey Gables.
  • Bert helps David clear the field, and he finds one of the Grundy compost bags. Eddie can’t offer any help – all the bags are the same. But David vows to find the fly-tipper and make him pay.

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