Bert’s talents are recognised. Ruairidh makes a friend.

Radio Times: Bert showcases his talents.

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  • Alice comes to Home Farm to see Spearmint, but will barely speak to Jennifer. Adam manages to jolly her along a bit, but is upset to see what it is doing to Jennifer.
  • As Bert lends him a hand in the grounds of Lower Loxley, Nigel suggests he might like to perform as a Bard at a mediaeval banquet they are laying on for some Germans. Bert misunderstands the terms, thinking the £100 fee is the cost of his meal, but once this is cleared up, he’s delighted at the prospect.
  • Brian goes to Loxley Barratt school, and is unexpectedly impressed by it. But there are no vacancies at present, so he will have to plead a special case with the LEA. Ruairidh remains silent and withdrawn, until Ian pays them a visit. He’s really on Ruairidh’s wavelength, and they get on well. Ian offers him a ride in his car.
  • Bert rings Nigel to read some poems he’s thinking of performing in his Bardic role. At first Nigel is polite, but when Bert launches into one which makes embarrassing reference to the war, Nigel has to put his foot down. Bert’s undeterred; he’ll recite one about the 1966 World Cup instead.
  • Adam tells Ian about his meeting with Alice. Ian’s concerned, and suggests asking Alice round for a meal. He’ll ring her so that it doesn’t appear as if the Home Farm clan are in league.

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