Brian is torn between love and duty.

Radio Times: Brian gets his priorities right.

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  • Oliver eagerly awaits the launch of his new cheese, Stirling Gold, while Helen tells him her Borsetshire Blue has been nominated for the British Cheese awards.
  • Because he can’t reach Adam on his mobile, Brian sends a message via Pip, then via Ruth, to say he’ll be late for his stint on the combine. Adam is not best pleased when he hears, and when Brian does arrive, he announces that he has to leave in time to put Ruairidh to bed.
  • When Adam gets home he tells Ian how cross he is, but Ian has an answer to the Home Farm problem. Why don’t they help with Ruairidh?
  • Ruth has done some research on cruises for Phil and Jill’s Golden Wedding, but Jill isn’t keen. She thinks Phil would hate being cooped up on board, and they wouldn’t see enough of Meriel. Ruth says she’ll investigate other options.
  • Brian drowns his sorrows at the Bull, and finds a listening ear in Oliver. Brian admits he’s a failure; Debbie and Alice hate him and he’s expecting so much of Jenny. Oliver says he admires Brian for taking on the responsibility.

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