Will succeeds in making a new friend. Christopher fails to reach the standard.

Radio Times: Will gets lucky on the buses.

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  • Neil is cross with Christopher, who has failed his assessment, but Christopher isn’t in the mood for a lecture. He leaves hurriedly for work.
  • Will is temporarily reduced to using the bus, and he helps a young mum, Nic Henson, who is struggling with a toddler and a buggy. They get chatting, and discover they are both single parents. Will asks if Nic would like a day out with both sets of children some time. She’s embarrassed at first, because money is very short, but Will insists it’s fine; he has vouchers for the Sea Life Aquarium in Birmingham, so it will be his treat.
  • David and Phil discuss the Home Farm situation, and Lilian’s hangover. When David tells his father of Ruth’s ideas for the herd, Phil is not sure they are sensible, but David suggests that Phil and Jill should come over for a meal, so that Ruth and Pip can present their case.
  • When Christopher gets home from work, Neil is waiting with his lecture. Too much fun and not enough work are responsible for Christopher’s failure. Christopher admits that Ronnie wasn’t pleased, but that they have discussed how he can ensure a better performance in the next test. Luckily Will arrives before Neil can weigh in again. Will can’t wait to tell Christopher about his date.

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