Lilian’s birthday goes with a swing. Brian and Jennifer are feeling their age.

Radio Times: Lilian’s in the mood for dancing.

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  • Jennifer and Alice meet at the church Fair Trade stall, but Jennifer makes little progress in rebuilding their relationship. Alice remains sullen and uncommunicative. When Jennifer learns that Alice is starting work as a cleaner at Grey Gables, she is appalled.
  • Lilian loses no time in coming to Home Farm to show off Matt’s birthday present to her – a watch with 44 diamonds. Even Brian is taken aback at its apparent splendour.
  • Jennifer raises the subject of a school for Ruairidh. Brian can think only in terms of ‘good pre-prep’, but Jennifer is more realistic. It would be unkind to send him to a school where he knew no-one. Ben, Josh, Lily and Freddie are at the local primary school; why not send him with the? Once Brian learns that the Pargeter twins go there, he thinks it’s a good idea. He’ll sort it out on Monday.
  • Not everyone enjoys Lilian’s party, though she and Matt are in high spirits, and she shows off her newly acquired dancing skills. Jack enjoys dancing, which pleases Peggy, and James arrives – eventually – minus his new girlfriend. Tony avoids Brian, and Matt makes snide comments to him. Brian and Jenny plead tiredness and leave early.

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