Ruairidh still wants his mummy but Jennifer tries to explain about death.

Radio Times: Reality bites for Brian and Jennifer.

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  • Jennifer and Adam are wrapping Lilian’s birthday present in spite of Ruairidh. He wants to play with Ben. As for the party, Ian can’t go because he will be in the kitchen, son James is not saying and Alice has been invited but is not expected to go. Brian decides to take Ruairidh with him to move the combine; he thinks it is very loud.
  • Alan is cooking an Auntie Satya recipe and needs help over the phone from Usha. He confides that he was surprised to find that Alice has brought a TV and her laptop – really moving in. Alice interrupts the conversation, on her way to see Caroline; she thinks Alan’s cooking smells good.
  • In fact Alan’s cooking doesn’t quite come up to the Satya standard – a little soupy is Usha’s verdict, but not bad for a first attempt. Usha has an opportunity to leave Alan alone with Alice but he doesn’t make much impact. She feels she has got out of a situation that is not good for her. She has a job – cleaning rooms at Grey Gables – and feels that Home Farm is not home to her any more.
  • Brian is exhausted having worked quite late with Adam, so when Ruairidh cries it is Jennifer who comforts him and tries to explain that mummy has had to go much further than Germany, where none of them can see her, though she still loves him. But he still has daddy, and Jennifer too, and they are not going to leave him.

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