Brenda resigns from Jaxx. William promises to help smooth out any consequential problems.

Radio Times: Brenda goes up in the world.

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  • Ruth is in top gear now about introducing Brown Swiss cross cows into the herd; it’s really exciting; there are lots of advantages; Pip agrees. David will go no further than to agree to consider it. Ruth has offered Emma the job of managing Rickyard Cottage – meeting guests and so on – more responsibility for more pay.
  • Brian is conscious that he has not given William much support lately but he is grateful for keeping things going effectively. William asks about Ruairidh, from a position of knowledge, being the father of a young son.
  • Brenda has been offered another job – marketing Oliver’s new cheese. Matt needs her more or less full time too, so she will need to resign from Jaxx – soon. How will Emma take it?
  • As they arrange for Brian to bring the combine over to Brookfield, David tries to reassure him that Alice will soon come back. Brian is not so sure. He is beginning to think that he should have gone to live in Ireland with Ruairidh: the family would be better off without him.
  • Kenton was fine about Brenda’s resignation; Emma was worried so when she bumps into William, Brenda has a word. Probably her replacement will not be as flexible as she has been. William is not concerned; he will reassure Emma that they can work something out. Maybe he will have to be less flexible himself about when he works – in the present situation, Brian should be understanding about child care problems!

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