Alice is determined to go it alone.

Radio Times: Alice draws the battle lines.

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  • Ruairidh is being awkward about going to Lower Loxley but Brian insists on taking him to give Jennifer a rest.
  • In the garden of The Bull, Alice tells Amy that she intends to get a job at Grey Gables to earn enough to be independent of her parents. Jolene spoils any further conversation when she joins them – driven by the smoking ban to have a fag break outside. (Does that make her a snoutcast?)
  • Jennifer had hoped to find Alice at the vicarage but calls on Lilian instead, who insists that they go to the pub. Jolene asks a rather insensitive question so they escape to the garden – but Alice has gone. Jennifer is looking tired, mainly because Ruairidh is still having broken nights. Also she is worried about Brian running himself ragged. Lilian suggests a nanny but Jennifer doesn’t want that: the boy has had enough upheaval in his life.
  • When she returns home Jennifer’s hopes rise. Alice is there – but only to collect a few things when she thought he mother would be out. There is nothing more to say; this is what Alice has to do. Her parents’ pleas fall on deaf ears. She refers to her step-brother as a brat and announces that she will get a job and can look after herself.

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