Adam tries to persuade Ruth and David back on board for the digester project but they are reluctant without hearing it direct from Matt.

Radio Times: Jazzer answers a call of duty.

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  • Ed interrupts Jazzer with a new girlfriend and drags him out for a drink. Ed claims it’s because Fallon is busy in the pub but Jazzer knows something is up. He tells Ed he denied anything had gone on with Emma but thinks Ed is being a fool. Fallon is the best thing that has ever happened to him and his is risking it all dribbling over Emma.
  • Adam is shocked to hear Matt has backed down on the digester. Even including Ruth and David. Adam’s been left to tell Brian though. And to persuade Ruth and David.
  • Ruth and Usha are out shopping for wedding clothes when they bump into Jennifer who manages to blurt out that she’s heard Brookfield is back on board with the digester project.
  • Ruth and David are still very reluctant to come back on board. They aren’t sure they can trust Adam anymore and if they can’t, Brookfield will always be in the minority. They won’t agree to come back unless they hear from Matt direct.
  • The archeologist excavating the body in the Millennium Wood has found a buckle dating back to the 17th Century and Jennifer wonders if it might be something to do with the Battle of Hassett Bridge. If so, Roundheads and Cavaliers would be a great theme for the village fête.

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