After a lecture from Adam, Brian finally makes a proper apology to Jennifer and they make up.

Radio Times: Brian tries to make things right and Adam drums up support

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  • Adam and Brian are worried about some of the crops. Brian offers some suggestions and even thinks he might attend the barbecue. Brian is bothered that Jennifer is the only person who doesn’t agree with moving forward. Adam says his declaration that Jennifer was disloyal was the thing that hurt most. She is as loyal as they come.
  • Jennifer is still hostile to Brian but is helping with the barbecue. Ian and Adam are grateful. They hope the next transfer goes well. Brian tries to dump Jazzer on Jennifer and Ian to avoid discussion about Lavinia and Alistair. He doesn’t want to know about it. Jazzer isn’t just there to get the free food and drink. He wants to steer clear of Jim and his pining for the piano lessons. And then it get more confused with goat yoga. Brian and Adam can’t believe there is money in it.
  • Brian suggests to Jennifer that he should pay for a trip to the States for Kate so that she can learn what is happening in the yurt world. Jennifer thinks she will jump at it but that it needs to be with a clear plan. Jennifer wonders if it is just another gesture. Brian says of course not. He tries to tell Jennifer that he loves her more than he can say. Jennifer says he doesn’t get how much he’s asked her to put up with and that he has been petulant and not even acknowledged what she has done. Brian wants to sort it out. He realises now how abominably he has been behaving. He tells her he has tickets for concert on Monday. It’s not a hollow gesture. He bought them a while ago. The barbecue is continuing and Brian comments he won’t get much sleep. Jennifer reminds him that their bedroom is on the other side of the house and she has missed him.

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