Susan continues to spread gossip about Alistair and Lavinia and accuses him of having an affair

Radio Times: Lily admits the truth. Susan has a bone to pick

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  • Alistair is looking at the cattle at Bridge Farm. Tom is pleased about how plans are going for Farm Sunday. And they chat about Will catching the bikers around the birds. And then he talks about the “star chart” that Hannah suggests they set up to give themselves rewards for taking out the bins.
  • Freddie and Lily are still sparring about Russ. Lily is clearly going to see him again. Lily is furious that Freddie told Russ to keep his hands off her. She claims she is the reliable one and no one helps her. Even when she is struggling, no one supports her. So Freddie and Lily do have a sincere chat about how she got involved with him. It was all to do with the portrait she was given for her 18th. She asked Russ about the painting and he was so wise and caring and it was the first time she’d really cried about her father. And they fell in love. Freddie suggests that she might be looking for a father figure. She says tells him to tell their mother and the principal. Freddie says he can’t. He thinks she is making a big mistake but he can’t tell on her.
  • In the shop Alistair and Hannah bump into each other when he is buying a ready meal. Susan suggests a ready meal for one is what he needs. Later Alistair returns his meal as being sub standard. Alistair demands to know what her problem with him is. She suggests he was having an affair and that is why St Shula is suffering. He denies the affair and says it is none of her business anyway.
  • Tom tries to encourage Hannah into the single wicket. She sounds vaguely interested but is clearly taking the piss about the star chart – they could decorate it with glitter and post it on Instagram. Tom finally realises it is a wind up. Tom does remind her that she nearly broke Jazzer’s heart and Hannah admits she knows about his relationship. So they agree on a pint.

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