Ed and Emma are surprised that Will is the only person to remember their anniversary.

Radio Times: Emma receives an unexpected gesture and Pip has a brainwave

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  • Pip is taking photos for open farm summary. Rex suggests she should instagram some of them. Some of Pip’s photos are really cute. Pip is starting her ante natal classes soon. She thinks Toby is probably bricking himself. Meanwhile Rex is trying to get some farm machinery to help Josh for the Sunday.
  • Will has had some trouble with guys on bikes around the pens. He is determined to find who it is and he has lots of support from friends and family. Mia is great with Poppy and Jake will be once he comes back. Andrew is taking the children to EuroDisney next week but Will thinks that expensive treats aren’t what children need.
  • Adam tells Pip that he is really short of pickers. Pip offers to put the word around. Adam had hoped Freddie might be interested but he is in a weird mood. Pip still tries to find more people, Ed for example, but he is too busy. He does agree to invite some friends to the pickers’ barbecue. Looking at the Texels, Ed is quite pleased.
  • But then, Emma appears to say that Clarrie can’t look after the children during the evening. She isn’t well. So Ed and Emma agree that they will have to do it even though it is their third wedding anniversary. Ed suggests they still have a quiet night in to celebrate, but just at Will’s. Ed gives them a huge list of requirements for the children but goes out to work.
  • Pip is knocking up some display boards for Open Farm Sunday and Rex says Josh is really seriously taking on finding machinery to have for his trail. Pip suggests to Rex that he could really help the local farming community by taking on some shifts for Adam. And perhaps Toby could do some too. Rex thinks he could do it if it was short notice. So he should go to the barbecue to get more info.
  • Will caught three kids with quad bikes and threatened them. Ed and Emma are impressed. Will is surprised that they stepped in on their anniversary. Of all the people, Will is the only person who remembered.

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