The Home Farm land sale goes through after humiliation for Martin. Freddie and Russ square up about Lily and drugs but it ends in stalemate.

Radio Times: Freddie’s plan backfires

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  • Brian tries to make conversation over breakfast. It doesn’t go well even when he tries to cheer her up about the pickers. She is off to buy Jack’s birthday present. Brian suggests they travel together to Borchester where he will be accepting the offer from BL to buy the land. Jennifer doesn’t want to go with him at all. The Kate arrives with the gossip about Alistair and Lavinia. Jennifer initially tries to disbelieve it but does remember that Lavinia had got very close to him at a charity event. Anyway they haven’t wasted much time.
  • Justin tells Brian that Jennifer had made rather disobliging remarks about Martin Gibson’s wife and she now wants Martin to have nothing more to do with Home Farm. Martin has to go ahead with the sale, though, because it is in BL’s best interests but Justin would love to be a fly on the wall when Martin has to explain it to Pam.
  • Jennifer is pleased to hear that she didn’t wreck the sale. Pam had apparently been lording it over Jennifer saying she didn’t think she’d be seeing her in the golf club again and wondering if she was in Underwoods looking for a job so Jennifer saw red and asked her if her new hair cut was called “Electrocuted Hedgehog”. It brings Brian and Jennifer closer together until Kate comes in depressed. The yurts are deserted. She is thinking about packing it all in.
  • Freddie tries to get himself off the hook by threatening Russ with exposure to the Principal if he doesn’t finish with Lily. Russ claims that he isn’t like other men abusing their position. He and Lily are in love and planning a future together whereas Freddie is risking his whole future and Lily’s happiness. They end on a truce that neither of them can prove anything.

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