Jim gives up his piano lessons. Lily is convinced her affair with her deputy principal is true love and that he will leave his wife.

Radio Times: Elizabeth jumps to conclusions. Jim makes a decision

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  • Jim tells his piano teacher that he is dropping his lessons. Jazzer is convinced it is because she fancied him. Jim is on the way to the cricket anyway but it seems Harrison has lost his voice.
  • Lily and Freddie are both lying to Elizabeth about what revision they are doing – Lily in particular insisting she is going to “study” with Meredith.
  • Will acts as skipper because Harrison can’t speak. Johnny wonders if it is because Harrison is trying to be nice to Will but he seems to be rising to the challenge. Tom remembers that Hannah is moving in and dashes back to remove dirty socks from the living room. Tom and Johnny help her move in though she doesn’t seem too keen on being helped. Johnny wants beer but Tom is keen on tea and house rules. Johnny is shocked to hear there is a cleaning rota and Hannah is amused as well. But Tom persists on insisting on low music levels and signing rent agreements. Johnny tells him to lighten up.
  • Jim is definitely giving up on the piano and covers his piano with a dust sheet. Jazzer thinks he shouldn’t have given up on his piano teacher though. And then Jazzer lets leak about Lavinia and Alistair.
  • Lily is furious with Freddie for teasing about Russ, the deputy principal. Freddie tells her she will be found out and Russ is married. She is beautiful and clever, she could have anyone she wants and she’s picked a boring middle aged man. Lily tells him that once she goes to university, Russ will leave his wife. Freddie says that even he, who is a dumb as a door knob, doesn’t believe that one but Lily is convinced it is the real thing.

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