Brian fails to restore marital harmony. Lily and Freddie call a truce, providing the other keeps quiet.

Radio Times: Lily’s secret is revealed and Justin helps a friend

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  • The day of Freddie’s interview with the Deputy Principal dawns, and Freddie is anxious not to be late. Lily is markedly unpleasant to him, while Johnny attempts to calm the atmosphere.
  • Brian tells Jennifer that BL are interested in buying the land, though he might try for a better price elsewhere. Meanwhile he is anxious to get back into her good books and indeed her bed. Jennifer coldly reminds him that the decision to leave both was his, not hers. She sees him as a child throwing toys out of its pram.
  • Freddie is on time, but Russ, the DP is a little late. He wastes no time in coming to the point; he has been told that Freddie is drug dealing. Is it true? Freddie emphatically denies it. Is Freddie being threatened or coerced? Again Freddie denies all. Russ tells Freddie that he can talk to him at any time, an offer which Freddie palpably ignores. Freddie seems to have won the day.
  • Out on Aziz, Justin encounters Brian picking elder flowers (which everywhere apart from Ambridge have yet to boom.) He teases Brian, who is not in the mood for jokes. It was Justin’s advice about DIY that got Brian into trouble in the first place. Justin is dragged in to help, but, in a scene of the utmost hilarity, Brian gets stuck up the tree and has to be rescued by climbing down onto Aziz. Justin now owes Brian several pints.
  • Outside Russ’s office, Johnny waits for Freddie, who claims the interview was all about falsifying course work. He insists on going straight home, where he marches into Lily’s room and accuses her of telling Russ that he was dealing. Freddie continue to deny any involvement apart from ‘ a few Pro-Plus.’ Lily finally admits that she did tell Russ, who is sensitive and knows how to deal with such matters. The penny drops for Freddie. The jacket… Russ was wearing it this morning. He’s old enough to be Lily’s father and he’s married. Lily brushes this aside, and admits complacently that they are ‘in a relationship.’ However, if Freddie mentions it to Elizabeth, Lily will mention the drugs.
  • Somewhat merry after his drinks with Justin, Brian brings the elder flowers to Jennifer. Is she delighted? Is all forgiven? No. she hands Brian clean linen for his bed.

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