After being threatened by Chalkman, Brenda and Tom get back together.

Radio Times: Brenda gets an unwelcome visitor

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  • Brenda meets Vicky again and things are a bit calmer this time. She has brought flowers and whisky for the evening with Neil and Susan. The evening doesn’t start off too well with all the men outside trying to fix Neil’s van. But the women seem to get on well. Susan, of course, isn’t so sure though. Maybe she is a bit too friendly and she’s a lot younger. She’d have thought Mike would have gone for someone more like Betty.
  • Tom is at home when there is a frantic ringing on the bell. It’s Stephen Chalkman looking for Brenda. He heads straight round to Willow Farm where Brenda is on her own where he grabs her. Tom has had the sense to follow her and stands up to him. He does leave but not without threatening Tom as well as Brenda. Tom keeps apologising, not only for telling him where Brenda lived but for not believing her about Chalkman. He understands now the pressure she was under. He tells her how miserable she is without her but she isn’t sure about Annette still. So, she finally believes him and they agree to try again.

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